Course Description

Kelly Ingram-Mitchell, MPT, CEAS

Kelly Ingram-Mitchell holds a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy and a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Medicine. Her experience exceeds 20 years in prevention services and injury management.Kelly previously served as Executive Director of a national therapy provider network and Director of Operations for over 20 outpatient therapy centers. Mrs. Ingram-Mitchell spent many of her industrial years developing and implementing client-specific prevention and rehab programs including post offer testing, physical demand analysis, ergonomics, early intervention, and onsite therapy models. In 2000 she developed a FCE Certification Program and trained those in her profession for many years. In mid 2016 she will be launching a University focused on Occupational Medicine, Workers’ Compensation & Disability. The passion for clinical education and effecting optimal outcomes influenced Kelly to leave the corporate world and begin this business venture.She recognizes the need for heightened education which provides our profession with the tools necessary to service both pre and post injury. She serves as an adjunct professor at the University of North Florida, is a Fellow for Claims Litigation Management Alliance, School of Workers’ Compensation and has been the invited presenter at state, regional and national conferences for over 15 years. Kelly’s goal is to operate an organized top tier group of experts and professional partners, which utilize these tools providing best in class services for Unify’s clients and future prospects. She is also a member of APTA, JSEB, RIMS, Women in Small Business Organization, Women in Trucking, and American Trucking Association.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Working From Home: The Ergonomic Way

    • Working from Home the Ergonomic Way.pdf

    • Introduction to Working From Home: The Ergonomic Way

    • The Importance of Ergonomics.pdf

  • 2

    Configuration Options for Home Workstation

    • Kitchen Table Workstation Video

    • Home Office Desk Tips Video

    • Standing Workstation Tips Video

    • Laptop and Accessories

    • Selecting a Chair for Your Workstation

    • Tips to Remember

    • Lighting Assessment

  • 3

    Privacy and HIPAA Compliance Considerations

    • Ensuring The Privacy Of Your Workstation.pdf

    • Working Remotely and Maintaining HIPAA Compliance

  • 4

    Work Surface Dos and Don'ts

    • Work Surface Do's

    • What to Avoid While Working Remotely

    • Avoid These Working Postures Images

  • 5

    Ergo Breaks & Stretching

    • Ergo Stretching

    • Microbreaks & Stretching

    • Neck and Upper Back Stretch

    • Levator Scapula Stretch

    • Back and Side Stretch video

    • Standing Leg Stretch

    • Sitting Thigh Stretch

  • 6

    Fundamental Ergonomics Review

    • Fundamental Ergonomics Review

    • Comprehensive Assessment

    • Thank you for choosing UHS University